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56 Satellite Hill Dr

Mon-Fri: 8-4 Sat-Sun: CLOSED

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Do you charge for estimates?
For TV’s and stereo’s we charge $25.00 deposit. This amount is taken off your final repair bill. If you chose to not have your equipment fixed then the $25.00 is refunded to you when you pick up your equipment. If you don’t pick up your equipment after 30 days then the $25.00 goes toward the recycling fee we have to pay.
How much will my repair cost?
Every repair is different. We will always call you with an estimate of the repair cost before we fix your unit.
Is my equipment worth repairing.
When we call you to give you an estimate of your repair cost, we will discuss with you about your repair and give you an honest opinion based on the type of equipment, the age, and the cost of the parts that are needed to fix your equipment.

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