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56 Satellite Hill Dr

Mon-Fri: 8-4 Sat-Sun: CLOSED

Television Repair

Truett Electronics repairs all brands and models of LCD and LED TV’s.

For TV’s and stereo’s we charge $25.00 deposit. This amount is taken off your final repair bill. If you chose to not have your equipment fixed then the $25.00 is refunded to you when you pick up your equipment. If you don’t pick up your equipment after 30 days then the $25.00 goes toward the recycling fee we have to pay.

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Sound but no picture
Most common problem is inverter board or power supply

A cracked screen can also cause this problem

Cracked Screen
If the screen on a LCD or LED panel is damaged it will be cheaper to buy a new TV
Lines in the picture
Lines going from the top to the bottom or from the left to the right is usually a bad screen. The bonding glue that glues the ribbon cables to the LCD screen peels away. It will be cheaper to buy a new TV in this case

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